Florida Hemp Initiative

"Hemp is the standard fiber of the world." - Popular Mechanics Magazine, February 1938

About Hemp

Hemp REMAINS ILLEGAL under Florida state law despite the Federal exemption for materials containing THC.

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The Florida Hemp Initative - Three Ways to Get Involved

Get Involved From Home

There are two things you can do from home:
- Take Action Online (Petition & Letter)
- Invite Others Through Social Media

Get Involved In Your Community

Grab a few friends and educate the town:
- Order Petition Gatherer Kit (or Print One)
- Book a Florida Hemp Initative Speaker
- Print Florida Hemp Initiative's Promo Flyer

Get Involved On The State Level

Join a statewide group organized for action:
- Become a Member
- Attend a Training Workshop or Event
- Serve on a Committee

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The Florida Hemp Initiative - Learning Modules For Advocates


Click to join activists in allowing hemp in Florida.

For this Initiative, led by experienced grassroots organizers, to succeed, it is crucial for you to take action when it's time. Welcome to the Florida Hemp Initiative.

Florida Hemp Initiative
Click to learn more about how hemp is used for health in Florida.

Replace fear with confidence in your community by promoting "Hemp for Wellness" educating the public about hemp's nourishing properties benefiting our mind and body.

Hemp For Wellness
Click to learn more about the industrial uses of hemp in Florida.

Promote how the Florida economy stands to benefit from the many applications of hemp with "Hemp For Florida." If you're thinking rope, think again, it's a whole lot more.

Hemp For Florida
Click to learn more about Florida's hemp history.

Shape the Sunshine State's future by helping others understand the Florida Legislature's 1979 folly - then offer a clever solution with "Florida's Hemp History."

Florida's Hemp History

Hemp Is RemarkableThis ancient plant is making a modern comeback.

The Florida Hemp Initiative is a project of the Florida Cannabis Action Network, a statewide membership organization advocating for the end of prohibition on the cannabis plant.

  • Help A Floridian

    A Gainesville pet store owner nearly lost everything in 2014 because Florida law does not differentiate between industrial hemp and street marijuana. Her struggle is an outrage - once you learn how silly it is - you'll want to help.
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  • Hemp Revival: A Global Trend

    Friends of the Florida Hemp Initiative in Costa Rica are making tremendous progress collaborating with lawmakers. Discover what lessons Florida can learn from their proposed hemp regulations for medicinal and food purposes.
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  • Join The Initiative

    The Florida Hemp Initiative is a project of the Florida Cannabis Action Network - a membership organzation representing the entire cannabis plant since 1998. Become a member today and take part in cannabis history.
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